About us

Meor ehrod das Ault, meor grüozod das Nü,
und blibod üs sealb und dor Hoamad trü

- Gebhard Wölfle

The word “vuorovaikutus” comes from Finnish and means “interaction”, and this is what we find important. Side by side we run the Hotel Dreiländerblick and we are committed to take care of the well-being of our guests. We live in a region where nature, beauty, traditions and customs need to be preserved. Therefore, it is self-evident for us that the riches of the region are shown at the dinner table and in building materials and furnishing. Our door in the heart of Vorarlberg is open to travelers, and we are delighted to invite our guests to experience our home and living environment as their own, even if only for a moment.

Hotel Dreiländerblick stands in respect for the old, but also venturing to what is new. We have received what the previous generations have created before us. We work and live in the same house where we meet each other, our employees and our guests as equals, in good spirit. We want to create something that we can proudly pass on.

Doch was mit dam Nüo si nüd vortreyt,
weod bessor widor uff d’Sito g’leit.

- Gebhard Wölfle